Serpstat Review: Is Serpstat Better than SEMrush and Ahrefs?

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Judul : Serpstat Review: Is Serpstat Better than SEMrush and Ahrefs?
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Serpstat Review: Is Serpstat Better than SEMrush and Ahrefs?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there are many tools which are used by thousands of bloggers in the blogosphere. In SEO, everyone is using tools for mainly two purposes:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Backlink Analysis

I am sure many of you are using SEMrush for keyword research and Ahrefs for Backlink analysis. I am also using the same tools, and by those tools, I am quite satisfied. But in the past some days, I came across new tool in SEO. As I was satisfied by SEMrush and Ahrefs, I was quite hesitating to try the new tool for my SEO campaigns. But after reading some reviews and discussions of the forum, I thought I should also give a try to this new tool. I have done some great experiment with a new tool and today, I am going to share a new tool with everyone.

So new tool which I have used is Serpstat. I am quite satisfied with it. If you have not tried it, then try it.

As a reader of this blog, You will get  5 Days FREE Access to the premium account (B Plan: $69/Month) of SERPstat. The link is added at the last of this post.

SERPstat Review: Some facts about Serpstat

SERPstat Review

1. Serpstat was founded in 2013. It was only for keyword research initially, but after some time they have created fully fledged SEO tool for all the webmasters.

2. Database of Serpstat is massive. It has 100 million keywords and 200 million search suggestions.

3. It provides data for 10 Google Regions.

4. Serpstat is used by more than 40000 online marketers, SEOs, and web masters.

SERPstat Review: Best Features of Serpstat

1. Keyword Research

Serpstat Keyword Research

With Serpstat tool, you can do keyword research. It will supplement your content with untapped keywords and help you to expand your online presence. In Serpstat tool, you can do various things like collect keywords for SEO and PPC, determine the values of keywords, find keyword variations, get long tail keywords, discover international data, check website presence online and do many other things.

2. Search Analytics

With Search Analytics of Serpstat tool, you can discover who your competitors are; you can understand their strategies and weakness and make a full proof plan to improve your business. You can find out direct organic competitors, research the visibility of different domains, discover competitor’s ranking, track and get statistics of top pages.

3. Advertising Analysis

You can analyse your competitor’s ad campaigns and get the best ROI on your campaigns. You can identify your competitors in adwords, get the competitors methods, research for different keywords and target the local market for your campaigns.

4. Content Marketing Ideation

Content is king, and it will remain king in SEO. So you need quality content to rank in search engines. With Serpstat, you can discover and create unique content that is well performing in your niche. With Serpstat, you will get search suggestions, you can use related keywords in content, track your shares on Facebook and other social media and analyse traffic on your website.

5. Competitors Research

If you do competitors research fine, then you can win any game. Serpstat provides you the right set of options to perform your competitor’s research. You can identify your competitors, perform batch analysis on more than 200 domains at a time, discover your competitor’s page and do lot more things which can help your website SEO.

6. Rank Tracking

As a webmaster, one needs to track the ranking daily. Serpstat allows you to track your and your competitor’s rank tracking daily. You will get advanced analytics, daily results, and great stats and even you can share your project with your team members without any additional cost.

7. On Page Audit

Serpstat on page audit

You need to do some on-site audit to improve your website performance in search engines. With Serpstat, you can do such audit fast and easily. Serpstat allows you to discover gaps in domain’s optimization and you can find and fix the issues in on site or off site. Even you can increase your domain’s crawl rate using this tool.

8. Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks are most powerful ranking factors. You can get all your backlinks data in the single click. You can find competitors strategies for backlinks and get the find the pages that are attracting more backlinks than others.

9. Reports and Infographics

There is a need to visualize all your data. You will get a single place from where you can visualize all your data. You can set email also alters for positions tracking. Serpstat gives you powerful data visualization via Infographics and reports. So that you can get most out of this tool.

SERPstat Review: Pricing

Serpstat is offering various choices in plans. You can choose the best plan as per your need. There are two categories of plans.

  1. Personal 
  2. Business 

Each category has 4 sub-categories. Check the below image for more details about plans.

Personal Plans

Serpstat pricing: Personal use plans

Business Plan

Serpstat pricing: Business use plans

SERPstat Review: Special Gift for Blog Readers

As you guys are special for me, I have tried to get the discount for you all for Serpstat. 

You will get 5 days free access to the premium account of Serpstat.

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The offer will be expired on 31st March.

If you are satisfied and want to extend your account with Serpstat, then you can get 15% discount.
So what are you waiting for? Start using free plan for 5 days and then go for the pro account as per your need.

SEMrush Vs SERPstat

Supported Areas
SEMrush is only limited to SEO, SMM, PPC and Content.
Serpstat supports lots of felid including SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing, Advertisement, etc.
With SEMrush, you can do keyword research, site audit, backlink analysis, position tracking, and organic research.
With Serpstat, you can do keyword research, search analytics, advertising analysis, content marketing ideation, competitor’s research, Rank tracking, market intelligence, on page audit of any site and so many other things.
The problem in Backlink Analysis
The backlink analysis of SEMrush is not that accurate, you need Ahrefs for that.
You can trust the backlink analysis of Serpstat.
Price of SEMrush is quite high. There are many newbies who cannot afford this price. The price of SEMrush starts from $99.95/month. They have only 3 plans. So your choices are limited.
Serpstat is built for newbie only. The price can be afforded by any newbie. Price starts from just $19/month. They have many plans. So you can have choices as per your need only.

Final Words

Serpstat is a really excellent tool to give a try. I was also a big fan of SEMrush and Ahrefs, but after giving a try to Serpstat, I am using Serpstat for a different kind of analysis.

Go and grab your free account NOW and start improving your ranking with a great tool.

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